Well so they named SR14G to Red Velvet theeeennnn
You guys gonna name SR14B as Blue Velvet
Say this is not true pleaaseeeee
Where are those awesome naaammeeeesssssss


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Fujoshi life

I think every time fujoshi reads BL manga they get inner boner :3

2/100 EXO airport  Appearance 

Gooooshh themmmmmmm

Need some beauty tip
Will this hair style suit me ?? If it doesn’t then give me some advice pleaaseee
My ask is always open :)

Ok le me dies here …… T.T
Crying sooo haaarddddd someone bring me some tissue
By the way i like background soooo muuuchh

To me they can’t last longer …




EXO Couples featured in 女性自身 magazine!

10 | Sudo

09 | Chenbaek

08 | Taohun

07 | Sukai/Kaiho

06 | Layhan

05 | Chansoo/Chando

04 | Hunhan

03 | Taobaek

02 | Baekyeol

01 | Xiuhan

cr; Kairendipity

17-going-on-18 XiuHan Imma cry!!!!

Lol no love for kaisoo lol

No kaisoo but Sudo ???? Ppppfffff you guys are blind

Sometimes sadness and loneliness are better than reality …


Lumin(Xiuhan) @ 140628 EXO 1st Concert Lost Planet in Chongqing. - Kiss Per.

우리 경수 잘한다~ 잘한다~ 잘한다~ 다음 콘에서는 더 밀어주길 바래♥

Well i’m not ready to this

how did you find me? put an icon in my ask!


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  • Another member of EXO’s relationship status is going to be revealed. They said it’s either Luhan or Xiumin…
  • SM has planned all of this since 2012. Including SNSD’s dating news (especially for Tiffany’s and Taeyeon’s).
  • When EXO debuted, SM did really expect them to be…

Well Its SMent afterall

Don’t let them seee
Don’t let them feel
Be the “Good girl ”
That you always be